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Were you in an accident because of someone else's carelessness? You've every right to claim compensation for the damages incurred. Our lawyers will give you affordable legal advice. Don't let the person at fault get away without paying a cent! Call Cervantes & Donoso Attorneys At Law today at 626-960-1997 to file a personal injury claim.

• Auto accidents

• Work related accidents

• Wrongful death

• 18-wheeler accidents

• Construction accidents

• Industrial accidents

• All personal injuries

An accident brings with it not just injuries but medical bills, doctor's fees and mental and emotional trauma.


While it's not possible to be paid for the stress you go through, you're definitely entitled to be compensated for other losses you sustain.

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Have over 30 years of experience and expertise on your side while dealing with any legal issue. We'll give you the legal assistance that won't burn a hole in your pocket. Come to us with all your family law and criminal law problems and we'll help you.

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